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Passing the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)
The PSA is aimed at final year medical students and those graduating overseas to assess their competency...
ABG Interpretation
In this article, we will look at more practical aspects of how to read an ABG and treatment following...
Hypertension in Hospital
As a junior doctor, you will often be called about patients with raised blood pressure (BP) in secondary...
Essential Apps
Here’s a list of apps that are in order of how essential we find them. There’s probably more...
Preparing for the Situational Judgement Test
Preparing for the Situational Judgment Test (SJT) exam can be quite daunting. It makes up 50% of your...
Applying to Radiology
Radiology is a very exciting and innovative field of medicine. Radiologists have such an important role...
Locums as an FY1
Finally earning a wage for all your hard work is great and locum work can be a great way to boost your...
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