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Applying to Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology provides a great deal of variety by combining medicine, surgery & A&E. It is predominantly an outpatient specialty with plenty of opportunities to subspecialise....
Death Verification
Death Verification
As a new F1 in August, it can feel like quite a daunting task to verify a death, particularly if you have never seen this done before. This step by step guide will take you through...
Reviewing and Requesting Bloods
Reviewing and Requesting Bloods
Here we focus on blood tests requests for a variety of common scenarios you might see in practice and also common further tests you may do as a result of the first abnormality. When...
Prioritising Jobs
Prioritising Jobs
I’m going to try and be as generic as possible so that hopefully these tips work across different specialities and settings for both in & out of hours. Over time you will find what...
Femoral Stab
Femoral Stab
Femoral puncture is typically used to acquire blood from a patient in an emergency setting as both the veins and arteries are large vessels. In profound hypotension, unlike the radial,...
Requesting Scans
Requesting scans can be a scary daily occurrence for new doctors. It is one of few times where you liaise directly with a consultant. Introduction When requesting scans, there...

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Junior Doctors in the UK are increasingly moving to Australia after FY1, for FY3 or other years in between...
Doctor's Pay Calculator 2023
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