I have created a list of items you could buy in preparation for starting FY1.

If you do need to buy anything, please do use the links below. I get a small amount to support & expand this site from anything you buy in the 24 hours after clicking a link. Thank you in advance for your support!

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Essential Purchases

A good quality stethoscope is essential to learn the different sounds. 

Recommended: Littmann Classic III S.E.
Don't get the Cardiology IV, it isn't worth it unless after F2 you choose to stay in a specialty that requires a high quality one e.g. medical specialty or GP at which point you can buy the latest one.

Recommend against standard ballpoint pens. Too many have leaked in my pocket! You will lose one a week so buy plenty! A lot of people like the 4 colour ones for list organisation.

Power Bank
Often on the wards, your phone/tablet will run out of battery. Carrying a power bank means you can keep your phone going for when you're likely to need it most! Pick the size below that suits your bag. I have 20+ power banks and my recommendations are to go with Anker, EasyAcc or EC - they're my favourite in terms of reliability, durability & speed (often almost matching conventional chargers). 

Recommended: Filtered list with above recommendations

Consider Purchasing

Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme
Contains information much like this website. Usually comes free with a subscription to a defence organisation so ask them!

Dual ID card holder
Between your hospital ID, access card, credit card & smart card it is often a good idea to have something that holds two cards. If you have an access card also suggest a retractable lanyard.

NHS Name Stamp
Handy for paper documentation. It provides clearly legible details & saves you time. 

Clipboard Storage Box
A clipboard can be helpful in non-paperless hospitals which heavily rely on referral forms - but you can always buy it at a later date if it is truly necessary. Or you could get a cheap clipboard.

Telescoping tendon hammer
They are never there on the ward when you need one. Great to keep in your bag in case you need it, but it'll be rare that you'll actually use it. 

Pen Torches
Useful to have particularly on nights. Patients often get upset when using your phone as they worry you're recording them. For checking reflexes you do need a narrower beam than your phone usually offers. 

Other items
  • Charging cables - I recommend braided & fast charge compatible. Whenever you sit down on a computer, just plug & charge your phone!
  • Headphones - for the commute. no specific ones recommended
  • Bike lock
  • Smart Tag (stops your key/bag getting lost): Nut or the more expensive Tile