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About Me

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I'm a core medical trainee at a London DGH with a keen interest in medical education. With great support of colleagues & staff, over the last 5 years I've set up multiple teaching projects recruiting & supporting over 40 tutors at a time.

For the last 3 years, I have run 'Mind the Bleep', a free course that prepares new doctors for FY1. Each year I have had over 100 international attendees that have given excellent feedback. This is one of the things inspiring this site. The other being the amazing guys at Tea & Empathy who have set up an amazing F1 buddy programme. Massive kudos to them!

So in the last year, I have been working on my Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Queen Mary and have been working on digital resources for students and doctors. In the last few years that's been my OSCE Website, but now this is my latest endeavour.

Supporting F1s in ridiculously important. Between the crazy high drop out rates after FY2 & the stress the first year can be due to a completely new environment - it is important we all pay it forward when we become more senior.

I'd love to hear suggestions & ways to improve the site. And as always, I would love to collaborate or help anyone interested in education - it is with people helping me that I have managed to do all the things I love in medical education and I would love to help someone else do the same. Just join the Facebook group and drop me a message :)