Acute Stroke

Whilst on call or in A&E you may be asked to assess somebody who is suspected to have had a stroke. This is a very...

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CNS Infections

A CNS infection is one that involves the central nervous system in some way. This includes the meninges, cerebellum, ventricular system and spinal cord, among...

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Acute confusion, otherwise known as delirium, is very common in hospitals – 20-30% on medical wards and between 10% and 50% of those that have...

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Acute headache is a common complaint that you’ll see whilst on the wards or in the acute take. Although most causes of headache are completely...

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Interpreting CSF Results

Understanding how to do an LP and interpret the results is an essential skill for most doctors, particularly those planning on a hospital-based specialty. You...

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Lumbar Puncture

A lumbar puncture uses a fine needle inserted between the vertebrae in the lower back to take samples of CSF from the subarachnoid space. The...

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Parkinson’s Disease

In this article, we will present several common scenarios involving Parkinson’s disease (PD) that F1 doctors might face on the ward or on call. We...

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Reduced GCS

As a doctor, you will frequently be called for a drowsy patient. They can vary from confused to completely unconscious. The Glasgow Coma Scale can...

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Scenario: You are bleeped by one of the staff nurses to review a patient on the orthopaedic ward who is “jerking in her bed”. She...

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Sudden Visual Loss

Loss of vision can be a scary symptom for patients to experience, and a scary presentation for doctors to manage! You will not be expected...

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From the Greek: Syn: together & kopein: to cut - referring to a block in blood supply from the body to the brain, most often...

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Vertigo is described as an “abnormal sensation of motion. It can occur in the absence of motion or when motion is sensed inaccurately”1 Assessing a...

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