Applying to Geriatric Medicine

Within Geriatric Medicine you are always working as part of a multidisciplinary team and have lots of close interactions with other allied health professionals. In...

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Constipation is one of the most common complaints in hospital, especially on the geriatric wards.Failure to treat constipation can lead to longer hospital stays and...

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Acute confusion, otherwise known as delirium, is very common in hospitals – 20-30% on medical wards and between 10% and 50% of those that have...

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As an FY1 in hospital, you will come across lots of patients with dementia. They often have multiple problems requiring longer hospital stays, higher morbidity...

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Discharge Planning

It is important for junior doctors to understand what the discharge planning process involves so you can have an active role in multidisciplinary team meetings....

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As an F1, you will quite frequently get bleeped to review a patient who has had a fall on the ward, particularly if you are...

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Frailty Syndromes

What is frailty? In simple terms, frail patients lack physiological reserves, and it takes more for them to bounce back after an insult. Contrary to...

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Fragility fractures in the elderly As a junior doctor on call, in geriatrics or in orthopaedics – you will frequently look after frail and elderly...

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Palliative Care

Dying is a natural process and unfortunately, something that we all come across in our daily jobs, including whilst on call. Despite this, very little...

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Parkinson’s Disease

In this article, we will present several common scenarios involving Parkinson’s disease (PD) that F1 doctors might face on the ward or on call. We...

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From the Greek: Syn: together & kopein: to cut - referring to a block in blood supply from the body to the brain, most often...

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Understanding Types of Homes

Patients may live or be discharged to a wide variety of social care settings and understanding these is important for any foundation doctor. This can...

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