How to write & upload articles for Mind the Bleep

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What to include

  • Imagine you’re an FY1 (focus on essential, immediate management & when to escalate)
  • Keep it relevant to all hospitals
  • Provide information rather than a guideline. Instead, reference any official guidelines!
  • Reference any other useful resources (books, websites etc.)
  • If you’re unsure of the content you need to include look at Patient UK, UpToDate, Dynamed & review articles


  • Keep it succinct (there is no word limit)
  • No textboxes (difficult to add to a website). Captions & tables are fine!
  • Don’t screenshot! Screenshots of pictures look awful on websites. Original required or if buried in PDF document, send a link so I can extract
  • Screenshots of tables look awful too. Instead, they need to be re-created
  • Reference all pictures

How to send

  • You must have the article reviewed by an appropriate senior e.g. registrar/consultant
  • Ensure you attach the pictures separately & include them in the document so we know where to place them

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