Claiming Tax Relief

This article is about claiming tax relief on essential things for your job. Understanding pay & tax is covered in a separate article. It is...

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Clinical Coding

If you’ve ever wondered how hospitals generate income from the work you do – the answer is clinical coding. In this article, you can learn...

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Consumer Loans

It’s important for healthcare professionals to have an understanding of the different loans which are available – to help them take control of their personal...

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Credit Cards

This article will cover the different types of credit cards, the main things to look out for, and the reasons why you might consider applying...

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Current Accounts

This article summarises some key tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your current accounts. For more information on this &...

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NHS Pension Scheme (2015)

This article is supplementary to the webinar on the same subject, which you might find extremely useful as we were joined by Andrew, pensions expert...

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Payslips & Income Tax

Each month, your pay and any deductions will be summarised to you in the form of a payslip. You should check your payslip every month...

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Savings Accounts

In this article, I will be discussing the different types of savings accounts and key points about each. For more information on this & other...

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The Credit Score

In this article, we talk about what the credit score means, how it affects you & tips on how you can improve it. For more...

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