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Specialised Foundation Programme – Introduction to interview

The Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP – formerly known as the AFP or academic foundation programme) is a highly competitive application process for final-year medical students. The fact that you are considering applying is testament to your commitment and hard work. So, congratulations on getting this far, you should be hugely proud of yourself. This article

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Specialised Foundation Programme – Clinical Station

You will have a total of 10 minutes of interactive time. Prior to the station, you will be provided with a clinical vignette or series of clinical vignettes involving a number of medical emergencies/sick patients +/- general F1 on call jobs +/- ethical or medicolegal dilemmas.  During this section of the interview you will talk

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Specialised Foundation Programme – Academic Station

The academic station generally begins with a personal question and is your opportunity to demonstrate why you are applying for a specialised foundation programme. Whether that be medical education, leadership, or research programmes, you are likely to be presented with a generic and standardised interview station – it is up to you to draw on

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