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Junior Doctor Contract explained

In the UK, there are different contracts for each of the different regions: Northern Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales. For England, the latest update is in 2018 & it is worth making sure you’re aware of the changes from the 2016 version. Before you start work, you should receive an adapted personal version of this

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Preparing for the Situational Judgement Test

Preparing for the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) exam can be quite daunting. It makes up 50% of your Foundation Programme application and thus has the largest weight of any one exam on your ranking. People will tell you that you can’t prepare for it or preparing will make you do worse. Some will advise their

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Passing the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)

The PSA is aimed at final year medical students and those graduating overseas to assess their competency at prescribing as Foundation Year 1 Doctors. It can also be taken by Foundation Year 1 doctors if they have not passed it in their final year or had not attempted it before. Content It is made up

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10 Gifts for your Colleagues

As we all rotate so frequently between departments, many of us like to get our seniors or juniors something nice to say thank you. Personally, I’m a massive gift giver because it feels nice to get something people truly appreciate. That said, it has to be on a low budget because of how frequently rotations

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Payslips & Income Tax

Each month, your pay and any deductions will be summarised to you in the form of a payslip. You should check your payslip every month to ensure you’re not being overtaxed or underpaid. Pay extra attention when you’re switching rotations or doing locum shifts as this is when issues commonly arise.

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Ranking Foundation Jobs

If you’re worried about not getting your top choice, you shouldn’t worry. It doesn’t affect your future career and wherever you will go, given everyone is in the same boat as you, you will enjoy & make friends! It does not make it any easier to rank jobs for F1 when applying through FPAS &

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Claiming Tax Relief

This article is about claiming tax relief on essential things for your job. Understanding pay & tax is covered in a separate article. It is important to claim as it is a significant sum of money – 20% back on GMC, MDU/MPS, BMA fees and others (40% if you earn more than £50,000). If your total

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Writing SLEs

SLEs are supervised learning events that include Mini-CEX (mini clinical evaluation exercise) CBD (case-based discussion) DOPS (direct observation of procedural skills) These form part of the compulsory e-portfolio, but most aren’t taught how to complete them effectively & make them useful. As a registrar, I have sent & signed a large number and there is

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Preparing for FY1

It is common for FY1s to feel anxious & feel like they’re not ready to start. We expect you to feel like this & hence are ready to support you. You will have SHOs who should directly support you with every task you need help with. We want you to regularly check in for everything

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It is common for FY1s to feel anxious & feel like they’re not ready to start. We expect you...
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