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I’m an Endocrinology & Diabetes registrar with a keen interest in cooking, coding & medical education. 

Mind the Bleep is a free medical education platform for junior doctors and other healthcare professionals with over 25,000 monthly users. Amazing contributors like yourself build our articles, webinars, courses and other resources to cover all the essentials needed to support our users and care for patients. Our content covers all clinical specialties, wellbeing, employment, finance and career development helping you deal with everyday challenges with ease. 
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This site is dedicated to my grandmother who spent every day telling me how proud she was & filling me with strength.

Our team

Akash Doshi

Endocrinology registrar responsible for leading the team & coding the site. Loves to cook & bake!

Niraj Doshi
Administration Lead
UCL medical student with boss-level organisation skills. Alumnus of the Youth Forum.
Janhvi Shah
Administration Lead

MaxFax SHO with the outstanding ability of juggling a thousand jobs at once!

Cyra Asher
Surgery & Finance Lead
Accountant and FY1 with outstanding financial advice for medics. Owns two very cute dogs.
Anna Chisholm
Recruitment Lead

SHO who supports authors developing content. Loves netball, crime dramas & her dog Charlie

Kevin Tang
Radiology Lead

Loves cycling, running and the great outdoors. Occasionally found inside making a racket with his guitar.

James Mackintosh
Paediatrics Lead

James is an FY1 with extensive experience working with children with additional needs.

Samsul Islam
Career Lead

SHO leading the careers team to help doctors.  Loves sports and staying active!

Wendy Tan
FY1 Survival Guide
Aditya Gangal
Webinar Lead
Daniel Richardson
SFP Lead
William Baker
Recruitment Team
SHO who helps support authors & has a passion for music, football & rugby.
Frankie Speck
Careers Team

Final year medical student at Warwick with an interest in Surgery & Urology. I'm really into my fitness & I'm also a massive foodie!

Wasim Silmi
Careers Team

5th year medical student interested in surgery. Loves to gym and run!

Glen Davies
Endocrinology Co-Lead

F1 in the North West of England - passionate about undergraduate education

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